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Roronoa Zoro's Shusui Anime Wooden Cosplay Sword Red Hamon

Item Number 1O3-SI3245-3W
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Product Description

Roronoa Zoro's Shusui is one of the 21 famous O Wazamono grade swords. Ryuma once carried the Shusui, until his death, then Roronoa Zoro received the Shusui and now carried it on his quests. You will notice a very distinct blade on this sword. The blade of the sword is made of wood. Designed to look attractive yet be completely safe to use and carry, this is the ultimate cosplayer's accessory for any type of Samurai or anime-based costume. Featuring accurate coloring and durable wood construction, this will pair well for any event costume. This wooden sword is for costume prop use only.
  • The blade of the sword is made of wood and is painted Two-Tone Black and Red to give a steel look.
  • The handle of the sword matches the scabbard nicely and features a nylon wrapped cloth.
  • Overall Length: 39"
  • Blade Length: 27.75"
  • Handle Length: 11"
  • Blade: Unsharpened
  • Blade Material: Wood
  • Scabbard Material: Wood
  • Handle Material: Wood w/ Nylon Cloth Wrapped

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