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Monster Rechargeable Self Defense Tactical Flashlight Metal Stun Gun

Item Number 1N2-T1315
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Product Description

Monster One of the most Powerful stun gun flashlights in the market. Extremely bright LED flashlight can be activated into one of 3 modes: low, high, or strobe. This flashlight stun gun comes with an interior rechargeable mechanism meaning no batteries required. Charger Cord included. Our new shark teeth prongs technology so powerful that it can easy deter any attacker and sure to bring them to knees. Aircraft grade anti rolling aluminum body. Product Length 9.5" and 2.0" wide.


  • Police combat grade aluminum body withstands the most extreme and punishing conditions
  • Metal prongs are creatively placed on the crowned bezel so as not to cause accidental self-harm
  • Incredibly loud popping sound that could scare potential attackers
  • Extremely bright LED flashlight can be activated into one of 3 modes: low, high, or strobe
  • Powerful strobe function combined with stun gun capabilities gives you the ability to temporarily disable your assailants, with a combination of blinding, disorientation, and electroshock jabs
  • Conveniently located safety switch on the bottom of the handle allows the user to safely disable the stun portion of the flashlight to prevent accidental injury
  • Handle mounted wrist strap allows user to maintain control of the stun gun in the event of an altercation
  • Long-lasting, built-in rechargeable battery with convenient wall-charging plug-in adapter
  • Overall length: 9.5"
  • Construction: High grade aluminum
  • Packaging: Full-color printed box

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