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11.75 Inch Black Soft Rubber Training Sub-Hilt Military Knife

Item Number 6J0-SI18307
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Product Description

With the Sub-Hilt Rubber Knife, you get a training knife that is useful for a host of functions. For example, this 4 oz knife has the design and feel of a real knife so that you can practice fancy knife moves without risk of cutting yourself. In addition, you can also use this as a prop weapon in your self-defense training to be learn (or teach) how to extract a knife from someone's hand or otherwise disarm them. This training can occur with no risk of cuts or stabs, either accidental or intentional.
This rubber knife also works great as a safe costume accessory. You may decide that a weapon that is too realistic will frighten people into overreacting, which would be a significant faux pas at your next costume party. There are also conventions and festivals that require weapons to be obviously fake and an all-black rubber blade would be just the thing. 

  • Soft Rubber Construction
  • Safe, dull blades
  • Classic military knife design
  • Black rubber
  • Blade Length: 6 5/8"
  • Overall Length: 11 3/4"

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